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Hypothyroidism Revolution - Prevention Of Genetic Disease

Tom Brimeyer Hypothyroidism Revolution Review

Hypothyroidism Revolution - Prevention Of Genetic Disease

1 - Apply preventive program to scan the chest to detect any tumor before its spread, and the work of the sonar and mammograms on a regular basis for those over age thirty, especially to have relatives living with cancer of the ovary or the uterus. 

2 - Action swab of the cervix and speculum to the cervix when necessary to take a sample and tested. 

3 - Action Sonar of the uterus and the ovaries of women over 35 years once a year. 

4 - Support the screening program before the marriage to its importance and because the prevention of genetic disease is the health of the family and the community, there are several tests must work for the husband and wife before marriage to make sure themselves free from diseases Hypothyroidism Revolution Tom Brimeyer

5 - Periodic Review before getting pregnant to prepare a woman's body for pregnancy. And also after pregnancy to prevent any complications that may arise. Bags ovaries of the common complaints among women are also having bags on the ovaries, is it treated? being treated by laparoscopic surgery, where they are so that these bags and removed to create an ovary ovulation natural increase a woman's fertility, and reduce also the possibility of occurrence of abortion may be caused by the male hormone when the pace high. Are there types of bags ovaries? Tom Brimeyer

Cysts on the ovary are two of them PCO, which is not bags, such as those to be on the ovaries and size of more than 5 cm, and divided into bags of water or bloody or greasy, and accompanied by several risks in the event of the explosion, which caused internal bleeding may affect the women's health, especially in the event of the passage of a blood vessel large and so increase the proportion of bleeding sometimes as high as 3 liters of blood, which may cause a sharp decline in the circulatory system, which forced the doctor to work cleaning process of the uterus.


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